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IT ventures were born In Sapporo City in the early 1970s when PCs appeared.This is almost the same time as in Silicon Valley. Pioneering technology-orientedventures and original game makers from Hokkaido University have produced and packaged software and game titles that have been commercialized and attracted attention both in Japan and overseas.

After 40 years, energetic ventures that have inherited this DNA have been born one after another.A group of companies that support Society 5.0, including AI, IoT, blockchain, data science, and analytics has been formed.Sapporo City is now starting a project that connects entrepreneurship and society that opens up the future under the theme of “STARTUPCITY SAPPORO”.

This "SAPPORO Pitch" site conveys information about such companies, along with messages from venture company managers.

     If you want to form an alliance with a Sapporo IT venture

     If you want to accelerate development in cooperation with superior technology

     If you want to cooperate with AI implementation

     If you want to sell the unique IT technology you already have etc...

 Please contact us!
 A business coordinator is available for consultation at WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square.


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My name is Keiji Yamaya and I've moved into WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square. My mission is to coordinate the marketing of venture and startup companies in Sapporo. I have built a network of venture companies in Sapporo, and I have been engaged in the development of new business and business alliances in Japan and overseas in the fields of IT and content for many years.

Sapporo City continues to give birth to a wide variety of technology-oriented ventures involved in AI, big data, and security, companies that are building new business models on an open platform. I have started a new service that matches the creativity and IT ability of Sapporo. In particular, industry-academia collaborations with many universities located in Sapporo, such as Hokkaido University, have created attractive seeds. Local universities are actively participating in startups.

I will be bridging these new business resources in Sapporo with partners who can react to both domestic and overseas trends.

We will hold an event to disseminate business information such as Sapporo's technology, human resources, and business support system along with popular food and travel content.

Please feel free to join us!


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